Xbox vs Casino games

Are there any similarities between Xbox games and online casino games?

This is a question that hans come up lately and the reason for that are probably because the casino games are getting more advanced with focus on user experience.
The answer is probably more complex than you might think. On a first glance there might not be any similarities. But if you look at the more reason slot machines and sports livebetting games you can for sure see where the casino games gets their ideas from.
But in order to find the answer we must have a look at both gaming type and what the idea behind the game is.

X-Box Games

Well we all know about the X-box game and where it came from. It started with video games in the 80´s and 90´s like Nintendo and Sega. Now it has ended up in what we have today.
The main goal for a x-box game is the entertainment value for the player and the user experience. The video game company does not make more money from the single game just because a player plays a thousand hours instad of ten hours (however a player playing a lot is more likely to buy the next version of the game).
The entire focus and goal for the xbox game provider is the entertainment value and getting more players to buy the actual game.
By creating a great game they also get a lot of recommendations. The players who like the game will tell their friends which will increase their sales. In other words they will make more money.

Online Casino Games.

We probably all know about the classic casino games like Black Jack, roulette and slots.
The Black Jack and Roulette games has not changed a lot over the years. The biggest news for these games are that you can play something called “Live Casino”. It is basically a webcam in a real casino with real dealers and you are playing in real time. The difference between live casino and actual being in a casino is that you are off course not there in person and you don´t have to bring cash, everything else is pretty much the same.

For the slot machines there has been way more development.
Just like the X-box games there are hundreds of different games and it´s hard to give a specific description. What we can say for sure is that the user experience and entertainment value has increased a lot over the past few years for these games. You can se a clear similarity between the popular video games and the new casino slot machines.
The big difference between the two is very fundamental. The video games are only focusing on user experience and hope to sell as many games as possible. The casino games are all set up to play for money as a part of the game. So a good player in Fifa 2017 on X box will win most of his/her matches. A casino player winning will win a lot of money since that is what you compete for.
This change is essential and this also make it hard to compare the two.

Cheating in Online Casinos?

Well it is hard to beat the system in an online casino in the long run. However you can effect your edge short term by picking up an online casino bonus or other offers. This is not consider cheating at all but rather taking advantage of an competitive industry.
Lets say that you are a player from Germany and you are interested in a bonus in order to maximise your edge. You just go into a casino guide that has listed offers for your country and pick up any of the bonuses available there.
Just google “casino guide” and the relevant offers for your specific country will show up on the top 10 results.


So to summarise, there are not to many similarities between the two type of games. Even though the casino games are trying to take after the video games it is fundamentally different. What we can say however is that the user experience of the casino games has increased a lot over the years and if you are interested in trying it out just go into any casino guide and pick up a bonus to even out the odds.

Best of luck!

Fifa 2017

The FIFA 2017 from EA Sports is here!

Fifa 2017 was released on september 29 and man have we been looking forward to it!
It was released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 och PlayStation 3.

It sort of feels like this years FIFA are delivering some features we´ve been waiting for, for some time.
The last few years has in all honesty been a bit of a disappointment for Fifa lovers.
Most of all the last few years versions of Fifa has been to hard/advanced for the Solo player.
This year however, it feels like they have finally managed to get closer to the perfect football game!


Our best advice we can come up with regarding Fifa 2017 is so far to use the “Journey mode”. This is probably the biggest change between Fifa16 and 17.
By using the Journey mode you get to follow a young talented player from the beginning of his career, both on and off the pitch.
You will be placed in a football educational camp and when you are ready it´s time to pick a team. A good advice is to pick a team that will give you the most playing time. It is more likely to get playing time in a team like West Ham rather than choosing Chelsea.

Journey is basically a more advanced version of “Be a pro” that is still in there but hardly interesting after the entry of Journey.
This feature gives you the whole experience and get you more engage with the game (not only on the pitch).
We dont really have any game cheats for this game yet but we can highly recommend the Journey feature. If you are not using that you are simply missing out big time.
Our best advices so far are:
– Use the Journey mode
– Choose a team that is not on the top of the table. Getting more playing time will develop your player more.
– Make sure to practice free kicks and corners before starting the games. It is a new system compared to 16 and some practice might come in handy.

To read more about the fifa 2017 game direct from EA sports go to

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How to get most out of your X box gaming experience

Playing Xbox is something that more and more people come to enjoy.
After a busy day at school or work, gaming is the perfect way to unwind. When you are gaming you can forget about stresses of your life and focus on conquering the tasks at hand.
However, gaming can become frustrating when you are stuck and cannot get past a certain task or level. The next time you get stuck, do not get frustrated. Instead, you can use one of many tips we are posting in this blog.
We will add more tips as they come up and as new games become available we will do our best to get you up to speed.

Is it really cheating?

So is using our tips and advice really cheating? The way we look at it the simple answer is NO. Asking for help or finding a way to become a better player rather gives you cred in our opinion. It´s like saying an athlete is cheating because he or she found an exercise program online with some really good exercises and now they are winning games.

It´s all about finding a way to become better and we are just a few enthusiasts that will try to guide you on the way. It´s basically likeminded people sharing experiences.

Ejoy our blog and don´t hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions.

Good luck!!

Be smarter than the x-box game

Don´t be frustrated, you don´t have to be smarter than the game

As a complex cognitive being, you should never feel outsmarted by a video game. The inherent intricacies of human intelligence cannot be rivaled by a mere assemblage of coding languages and graphics. An Xbox game does not deserve to have the last laugh.
Be resourceful and put that pesky program back in its rightful place. Regardless of the games era, we can assist you in defeating any xbox nemesis.

The Frustration doesn´t need to win.

Lets face it, we all love the xbox game, but we sure don´t love how frustrating they can be!
Whether you are stuck at a certain puzzle or you have decided that you cannot live without a certain achievement, you´ll find that there are ways to work around the things that make you blow your top.
First, step away from the game. The last thing you want is to be one more youtube video star who gets famous for destroying their reputation by playing on “tilt”.
Get on our website and find the advices that will take your game to the next level.

Bring your questions to those who can help.

As modern games are being made, they only increase in difficulty. Playing online with friends or random people can be difficult becaulse they´re at a different skill level than you, and you´ll often end up feeling like throwing down your controller in frustraion! Bring your questions to us, as we can help guide you through those xbox games you´re frustrated on. One of the most difficult things about playing xbox games is that the difficulty level has increased over the years, making it tougher for those wanting to complete a game.